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Friends only post

friends only

This journal is going to probably be mostly locked. Comment to be added. ♥

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Hi I'm Rami. I live in Moscow.
It killed me when I found syria in the lj schools list..then aleppo..then Icarda!
when I was a child...I lived in aleppo and visited this school =)
I cant remember everything but it was the best time in my short life..

Its just great to find a person like you..
I'm not trying to be your LJ is Russian so you can't understand it.
So its not a problem. but Iam defenetly looking for the one like you.
Nor arabs neither russians understands me well. May

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Dude, could you friend this username? It saves me login trouble. Pup'll love you forever!

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You know what? I don't use live journal anymore, but since you hate me so much then can you come up with a good reason to still have my sister on your friends list? Do you think it's really fair?

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Hi, it's Jesus ([ profile] ____castaway).
This is my new journal.
Add me :).

... or... um I'll send you to hell.

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*smiles* *waves* Thought I'd add you (it be Andy's player!)

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converstation from lia's journal is now moved here
I heare this really awesome band one night jam and the dahahoo want me to send files?

(Anonymous) 2006-09-11 07:14 am (UTC)(link)
God I love people who go and blurt out really personal stuff about someone, don't you? No matter how much they hate them, it's really fucking low.

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Yo. I don't think I know you, but we went to the same primary school. that has to count for something

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OMG!!! You have a Craig/Luke kiss icon!!!!!!! ♥ That brings back A LOT of happy memories!! :D And some sad too :(

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hey hon, i added you.


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Hi. I'm Charlotte.

I'm a slash writer. And I'm bi.

Da-dah! *spirit fingers*

I added you, so check my LJ out and friend me back if you like.

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I added you, add me back?

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Hey Jess!

We met when you were in Geelong, I keep meaning to add you so.. Here I am!

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It would be fun to be a bird

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Hey Jess.
It's Alex.
Still want to be friends with me?
How does it feel to have no more school?
How did the trials go?

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Hii.. My name is Alana, and I found you because you went to IISA?? Anyway, I was bored, and I looked at your profile, and you seem quite interesting... sooo friend maybe?

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Also, you like Skins. So therefore you must be awesome.

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Heeeeey it's Amanda (Libby/Meredith/Silhouette from Last Voyages)....add me back please? :3

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I fail at life.

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Hey! This is Kari from TLV :] If you're interested, I'd love to have you as a *REAL* friend on LJ, haha.

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