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Goodbye LJ, hello Dreamwidth? (Now with an added link list for RP on DW)

HEY DW PEOPLE. Who knows, maybe I'll actually start making personal updates again over here... it's been like a year and a half since my last one, lol. :V The great LJ exodus of 2011 looks like it's well underway. I wonder if this will kill RP on LJ completely... ANYHOW. Messing with the settings on this and where is everything idgi. /o\

AND NOW I'm going to compile various links of explanations/comms/things to make RPing on DW easier, mainly for my future reference:

A Guide to RP-specific features on LJ vs DW
[community profile] multiversal's general wiki entry about DW and swapping over
An index for a DW community recommendation post -- some RP-specific stuff here
DW FAQ about the differences between DW and LJ regarding site-specific html
A pretty comprehensive LJ-to-DW guide -- still being worked on but looks pretty good.
Some help for settling in at DW
Dreamwidth resource list - a way more organised link dump than mine

A how-to for installing LJ layouts on DW
How to make DW look like LJ
Tropospherical Blue DW site skin - makes the site look very close to LJ (this link also has some bug fixes and new code in the comments, but I haven't tried that out at all)

Dreamwidth, Tables and You - a guide for getting html working on DW.
[community profile] dreamcodes - a sharing comm for profile codes, muselists and CR charts
A workaround for getting profile codes to display

A list of active DW RPGs on [community profile] rptalk, a general RP discussion comm
[community profile] localroleplay -- a comm for advertising DW RPGs
[community profile] rprefugees -- a new comm for LJ deserters :V
[personal profile] dwroleplay -- an archive/journal for info, discussions and help with roleplays on DW, with another list of active DW RPGs

[community profile] dear_mun -- WE ALL KNOW WHAT THIS IS (and it's totes on the active list but I used it all the time to voicetest on LJ so :V)
[community profile] memebells -- Open prompt comm. (Nothing there yet but I assume it'd keep the same name?) ACTUALLY, if it's open memes memebells-style you want, [community profile] memelicious appears to be up and running and active. Or... semi-active. IDK. Everything is very disconnected and spread out so far. There's a few different places for this stuff and checking out the links from the list of active rps will probably yield something.

I... hesitated to put this in, but: [community profile] rpanons. I don't read the anon comms on LJ and I don't really like anon culture myself as I think it can breed bad things, but I decided I'd stick it on the list anyway because I think it's actually probably a valuable resource for people trying to network with a new and currently rather disconnected/spread out RP scene. Finding games or players may be easier here because there's more people. I imagine it's probably been advertised on the LJ anon comm so there'd probably overlap in the userbase, which is a plus. Anyhow. There it is. :V

[personal profile] witchbaby's Why We Should Move To Dreamwidth

Also, not RP-specific, but the masterlist of community masterlists (because DW is less active community-wise than LJ) can be found here.

OKAY, I think that's it for now. ANYWAY I have nothing else important to say so I'mma keep fiddling with this layout and stuff! o/
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ooooh I didn't know where the link to that currently active list was, TY! ...hi it's Liisu.
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Totes! I think you've got all the stuff I'm currently aware of, but I'll drop you a line if I find anything else? SO MUCH SETTLING IN TO DO mO_Om
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NGL at this point if they revert, I'm still not gonna go back - like, it's objectively a smarter and more logical decision.

If I'm paying for my hobby, and my options are a website that doesn't provide what I need or respect me as a customer, or a website that both provides what I need at a baseline and is willing to adapt to my needs, and values me as a customer, and doesn't cost me as much...
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I think I got my first LJ when I was fifteen or sixteen? Not sure. It's been my RP home for a reallyyyy long time and I'm gonna miss the things that I'm going to lose in moving, but I guess I'm just looking at it like, long term I'll lose a lot more if I stay and I'll waste a lot more time and it just seems so unnecessary when I could just use a site that works.

I feel you on games not moving, though, it's hard to relocate if you're doing it on your own in a hobby like this. I am really grateful to my mods that we got our move underway so quickly and I've been doing what I can to help them keep it smooth :V
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My understanding atm is that traditional blogging service isn't LJ's earner any more; they're gonna tailor the site to what does make them money is the bottom line. I can't blame them for that, even if I can blame them for the increasingly shitty way they treat their customers in general, but I have to think why would they support something inconvenient to them if they don't have to? And it looks more and more like they really don't have to.

But yeah, in a large game like that, I see the problem ... otoh, if you do manage to get TLV to move en masse or mostly, that'd probably be a huge boost to the RP scene here on DW because of what a large and established game it is. That'd be a good thing, imo.
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Yeah, that's exactly my thought. If we were necessary or valuable, we'd be being treated differently; the redesigns are aimed at making the site better for what it's being used for now, by the actual money earner for the site. That's pretty much all I need to know about what the smartest move is going to be for me in the long term.

(It is kind of tragically hilarious to me that LJRP is so unused to good business and customer service that they're mad at Dreamwidth for having both, ngl.)

Roleplayers have serious hustle when it comes to networking, in my experience; the more of us are here, the more of us will be here. People bringing their friends, people who come with one game joining or creating another, etc, etc - I think the more games move, the more games will be able to consider moving a feasible option.
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YYY - I've been based out of DW in my personal journal since 2009 and it's been so good, I was honestly disappointed that the last LJ fuckery didn't result in a proper move. It wasn't as feasible at the time, in fairness (prices were a lot steeper here when they started out), but now it's just...I don't see any practical way of staying at LJ and I'm kind of just glad that I can cut my ties there and make this my main site, finally.

(I HAVE NOTICED THAT...I think I might be more in that camp if I hadn't been using DW for so long already, I am the worst about CHANGE BEING BAD!!!)

It's no problem! I know people have concerns about that, but I think when you look at it as a long term thing then you can see how it could be a really positive thing for us. (Also maybe anoncomm won't come? Fingers crossed.)
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If you DO get a paid account, btw, oh my god TURN ON BETA TESTING AT ONCE; I was saying the other day that the only part of the LJ redesign I saw promise in was the new browse function if it were massively tweaked for functionality. DW's new beta browse is exactly what I wanted from that. It's like they were like HEY LIISU REMEMBER ALL THOSE THINGS YOU WANTED? THESE ARE FOR YOU BABY GO BUY YOURSELF SOMETHING PRETTY.

(Hahahaha Samm was like "we're basically a rampaging horde of mad-eyed rpers with fistfuls of cash" and she is so right. WE WILL PAY FOR THIS SHIT.)

Yeah, between the superior functionality and the management here, I'm not going anywhere in a hurry.
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it's only three bucks for a month >_> omfg seriously also the customizable entry page I HAVE STARS IN MY EYES TAKE MY MONEY DREAMWIDTH

hang out with me on dw jessi ok i love it here
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stay forever mO_Om
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i keep flipping out about it, DW IS JUST GETTING BETTER AND BETTER
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EXPLORRRRE also apparently on chrome comments auto-justify? WHICH WOULD BE COOL, I am forever justifying stuff
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it's so nice to be on a website where they announce something is changing and i go PRESENTS???? :D???? instead of D: WHAT'S BROKEN NOW
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[personal profile] selfindulgence 2011-12-23 07:37 am (UTC)(link)
I want to move my little game :CCCC

My initial reaction was not to move it, because it seemed like nobody else was on board with a move so I thought it would kill the game before it even opened...

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[personal profile] selfindulgence 2011-12-23 07:42 am (UTC)(link)
THIS IS GOOD. Because goddamn, I want to move all of Arthur's icons over to DW already, BUT I COULDN'T JUSTIFY DOING IT IF THERE WASN'T A GAME TO PLAY HIM IN.

After Christmas, I'll put up a poll asking players what they want. It's reached the point where it's honestly the principle of the matter for me: even if LJ rolls back on the changes (which it won't), I want to be able to cut all ties to it. BUT I WON'T IF PLAYERS WANT TO STAY THERE /SOB
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[personal profile] selfindulgence 2011-12-23 04:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, actually... I'M RIDIC IMPATIENT, and I hate sitting around waiting, so I'm gonna put the poll up now.
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[personal profile] dwroleplay is also up!
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[personal profile] demimonde 2011-12-24 02:35 am (UTC)(link)
np! they're getting super organized in terms of being a resource, it looks good.
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[personal profile] dingsi 2011-12-25 01:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello, I am here via linkhopping (can't remember specifics, chronic having-fifty-tabs-openitis), and I just need to say, this is so awesome. I mean, the influx of users, yes, it makes me want to hug people (feelings~!) but also seeing the organising, the exchange and the lists and networking and then someone sets up a love meme or friending frenzy or decides to gift some newcomer with a paid account and *flail* it's so awesome. I sincerely hope you and all the other RP peeps will find a good home on DW and feel comfortable here.
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[personal profile] rydra_wong 2011-12-26 07:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Also here via umpteen links, and what [personal profile] dingsi said, basically. *g* I'm not an RPer but am linking to your post so more people who are can find it.

I also wanted to mention (in case it's useful) that [personal profile] esper has written this handy post for RPers on how to make your tables work on DW:

[personal profile] esper: dreamwidth, tables, and you - or - how i stopped worrying and embraced new html standards