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and all the darkest parts of us

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Birthdate:Jul 31

I'm a lot of things and I'll be others; but for now, this is what I am and will probably be for quite a while: a girl; a suffering artist; flailing; sort of successfully juggling life and uni and work my rpg; sarcastic; a (mostly console :c) gamer; bisexual; a graphics snob; a slasher; a little fragile; an occasional camwhore; in Australia; grammatically obsessive; festively plump; an amateur vidder; nuts; a total musicwhore; a lover of musicals; slightly too open with personal information; slightly intolerant to ignorance and/or idiots.

I have a writing/fanwork community, where all my fanfic, fanvids, fanmixes and some original work ends up: [info]meltwithminds. It's mostly locked and still on LJ, but. Do look.

Interests (41):

28-days-later the musical!, being a teenage cliché, bisexuals!, clavicles lol, clever reviews of terrible books, correct spelling and grammar, drinking far too much tea, eating ice, extremely large hams, eyeliner on anyone, girls and boys and everything inbetween, goth+punk+unhardcore=emo, imperfections, internet addicts by night, new and unusual slang, obscure short stories, old movies, open-mindedness, other people's diaries, pants with extra pockets, playing piano at night, scars that tell stories, scary perry dawsey, scott sigler, shooting-myself-in-the-foot-to-save-my-ass, silence, singing terribly, sleeping in to ridiculous hours, social justice, sounding rather explicitly sexual, talking to myself, tattoos, terribly narmy movies, the moon, the offspring, things nobody else likes, waiting, walking at night alone, watching people smoke, winter, writing on my hands
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