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Body, Brains, Soul: A Last Voyages Fanmix



Bad Blood - The Big Sleep

Now all my problems, I'll take it to my grave
And all my shame will fill my thoughts for all my days
I chose the time, I chose the place
I chose my fight, but my fight has gone away
Oh, no no I, no, no no I
No, no no I, no, no no I

There's trouble in my house
There's bad blood where I live
There's a stranger at my door
There's a stranger at my door

A song about the inmates during their various crime-filled lives, their deaths and their subsequent arrivals on Barge, up to and including the WTF factor of finding out that their room from home isn't exactly home anymore.

Death Or Life We Want You - The Dears

I want your body
I want your brains
I want your soul, brother
On a thirsty desert plain
Or maybe even in the jungle
Face-down in a lagoon
Or a tough fight with your best friends
If there's any room

Nobody wants you but we want you
Nobody wants you but we want you
Nobody wants you but we want you
Nobody wants you but we want you

The Admiral takes whoever the hell he feels like, no matter where they are or what they've done. It doesn't matter who does or doesn't give a fuck about you back home, he'll still offer you a contract or pull you onboard when you die.

Devil's Calling - Elizabeth & The Catapault

I know you're ready
I'm giving you the chance to get off easy
Believe me, this is the place to go
There's no mistaking
When you've got a chance you've got to take it
You'll make it, this is the place to go

This is the devil's calling
I'm coming from the outside in
This is the future knocking
It's begging you to breathe again
This is the devil's calling
You've got to live in your own skin
This is the future knocking
It's begging you to breathe
You to breathe again

You tried to change that evil song
But you couldn't run away for long
'Cause the universe is always watching
Your destiny is in my palm
I'm reaching out, so grab on tight
Get ready for a bumpy ride
No matter what your mama told you
You're coming to the other-

This song is about wardens talking to their inmates at the start of their pairings, explaining the concept of the Barge, how everything works, and most importantly, how they could benefit by giving the system a chance.

The Little Things - Danny Elfman

I'm through with the stories, and I'm sick of my shoes
The walking and the talking, it's got nothing to do with
The final solution; it's a box full of tricks
And I'm through with repairs when there's nothing to fix
When there's nothing to fix, when there's nothing to fix
And it all comes down to you

Let the headlines wait, armies hesitate
I can deal with fate, but not the little things
Armageddon may arrive any day
I can't get away from the little things

Floods, the mysterious magical manifestation everybody loves to hate. A song about all those day-to-day occurrences on Barge that make people want to tear their hair out. (Bonus points for this song: it has lyrics that can be about the focus on warden-inmate relations.)

Veteran of the Psychic Wars - Blue Oyster Cult

Don't let these shakes go on
It's time we had a break from it
It's time we had some leave

We've been living in the flames
We've been eating out our brains
Oh please, don't let these shakes go on

Sometimes, everything just gets a bit too much, even for the toughest of wardens and inmates. A song for those times when everyone just wants to go home, or at least just not dock in any particularly dangerous ports, be killed again or run into rough patches of space for at least a month, please.

Crimes - A Perfect Circle

One, two, three
Four, five, six
Seven, eight, nine
Nine, nine, nine
Ten, ten, ten

The beginnings of redemption, or twisted reliving of past brutalities? Whatever the reason, inmates reflect on their lives and crimes a lot on the Barge. More atmospheric than about the lyrics here.

Breaker - Low

All our bodies break
And the blood just spills and spills
While here we sit debating math

It's just a shame
My hand just kills and kills
There's got to be an end to that

There's got to be an end to that

The (maybe) graduation song. It doesn't happen a lot, but sometimes wardens actually help an inmate to realise what went wrong for them, and how they might be able to make it better. That starts with the eventual realisation that satisfaction doesn't have to come from villainy.

Here for the World - I Am Kloot

I've nothing missing, I've got you all here
The sound of the thunder, its sound in your ear
And we've no reminders, no old photographs
Did you come for the money?
Will you leave for the laughs?

So read the words, read the words
You've got them all here
You've got them all here
For the world
For the world
We're here for the world
And all you've got in it

A warden song. No matter what deal they actually made, whether it was personal or general, by virtue of what they do, the wardens are here to make their worlds better places by redeeming their inmates.

Download the whole thing (plus artwork) here.