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HEY DW PEOPLE. Who knows, maybe I'll actually start making personal updates again over here... it's been like a year and a half since my last one, lol. :V The great LJ exodus of 2011 looks like it's well underway. I wonder if this will kill RP on LJ completely... ANYHOW. Messing with the settings on this and where is everything idgi. /o\

AND NOW I'm going to compile various links of explanations/comms/things to make RPing on DW easier, mainly for my future reference:

A Guide to RP-specific features on LJ vs DW
[community profile] multiversal's general wiki entry about DW and swapping over
An index for a DW community recommendation post -- some RP-specific stuff here
DW FAQ about the differences between DW and LJ regarding site-specific html
A pretty comprehensive LJ-to-DW guide -- still being worked on but looks pretty good.
Some help for settling in at DW
Dreamwidth resource list - a way more organised link dump than mine

A how-to for installing LJ layouts on DW
How to make DW look like LJ
Tropospherical Blue DW site skin - makes the site look very close to LJ (this link also has some bug fixes and new code in the comments, but I haven't tried that out at all)

Dreamwidth, Tables and You - a guide for getting html working on DW.
[community profile] dreamcodes - a sharing comm for profile codes, muselists and CR charts
A workaround for getting profile codes to display

A list of active DW RPGs on [community profile] rptalk, a general RP discussion comm
[community profile] localroleplay -- a comm for advertising DW RPGs
[community profile] rprefugees -- a new comm for LJ deserters :V
[personal profile] dwroleplay -- an archive/journal for info, discussions and help with roleplays on DW, with another list of active DW RPGs

[community profile] dear_mun -- WE ALL KNOW WHAT THIS IS (and it's totes on the active list but I used it all the time to voicetest on LJ so :V)
[community profile] memebells -- Open prompt comm. (Nothing there yet but I assume it'd keep the same name?) ACTUALLY, if it's open memes memebells-style you want, [community profile] memelicious appears to be up and running and active. Or... semi-active. IDK. Everything is very disconnected and spread out so far. There's a few different places for this stuff and checking out the links from the list of active rps will probably yield something.

I... hesitated to put this in, but: [community profile] rpanons. I don't read the anon comms on LJ and I don't really like anon culture myself as I think it can breed bad things, but I decided I'd stick it on the list anyway because I think it's actually probably a valuable resource for people trying to network with a new and currently rather disconnected/spread out RP scene. Finding games or players may be easier here because there's more people. I imagine it's probably been advertised on the LJ anon comm so there'd probably overlap in the userbase, which is a plus. Anyhow. There it is. :V

[personal profile] witchbaby's Why We Should Move To Dreamwidth

Also, not RP-specific, but the masterlist of community masterlists (because DW is less active community-wise than LJ) can be found here.

OKAY, I think that's it for now. ANYWAY I have nothing else important to say so I'mma keep fiddling with this layout and stuff! o/


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